About Sanara

Sanara is a Discord bot made with the Discord .NET library.
This bot doesn't have a particular goal but just intend to be useful thought differents functionnalities.
If you want to try her, you can come on her official server.
If you have any suggestion/bug report, you can do that on the GitHub issues page.
You can also invite her on your server.
For more information please check the README on GitHub.

Sanara is also open-sourced and available on GitHub under the GNU v3 licence.
Please also make note that the image of the bot is not from me, I found her on internet and she's Fumizuki from Kantai Collection.


Click on an image to enlarge it.


Anime/Manga Module

Anime [name]: Give informations about an anime
Manga [name]: Give informations about a manga

Booru Module

Safebooru [tags]: Request a random image from Safebooru (only SFW images)
Konachan [tags]: Request a random image from Konachan (only wallpapers)
Gelbooru [tags]: Request a random image from Gelbooru (no particular rules)
Rule34 [tags]: Request a random image from Rule34 (mostly weird images)
E621 [tags]: Request a random image from E621 (mostly furries)
E926 [tags]: Request a random image from E926 (mostly furries, only SFW images)

Communication Module

Infos [user]: Give informations about an user
BotInfos: Give informations about the bot
Quote [(optional) Message ID]: Quote a message

Doujinshi Module

Doujinshi [tags]: Request a doujinshi from Nhentai

Game Module

Play shiritori: Play the shiritori game (you need to find a japanese word beginning by the ending of the previous one)
Play kancolle: Play the KanColle guess game (you need to identify shipgirls by an image)
Play booru: Play the booru game (you need to identify tag of Gelbooru images)
Play anime: Play the anime guess game (you need to identify an anime from an excerpt of it)
Cancel: Cancel the current game
Note: if you feel like you don't have enough time to answer, you can add 'easy' at the end of the command.

Image Module

Color [RGB/Hexa/Name]: Display a color along with it RGB and Hexadecimal values

Information Module

Help: Display the help
GDPR: Show the informations the bot stored about the guild
Status: Display available services
Invite: Get bot invite link

Kantai Collection Module

Kancolle charac [shipgirl]: Give informations about a shipgirl from KanColle wikia
Kancolle drop [shipgirl]: Give informations about where you can find a shipgirl in Kancolle

Linguistic Module

Japanese [word]: Translate a word in both japanese and english
Translation [language] [sentence/link to image]: Translate a sentence in the language given
Urban [word]: Define a word using Urban Dictionnary

Radio Module

Radio launch: Make the bot join you in a vocal channel
Radio add [YouTube url/keywords]: Add a song to the playlist
Radio playlist: Display current playlist
Radio skip: Skip the song currently played
Radio stop: Stop the radio and leave the vocal channel

Settings Module

Language [language]: Set the language of the bot for this guild
Prefix [(optional) prefix] Set the prefix of the bot for this guild
Reload language: Reload translation language files
Leave [(optional) name]: Leave the guild given in parameter or the current one if none specified
Exit: Exit the bot
Enable [module name]: Enable a module
Disable [module name]: Disable a module
ResetDb [(optional) name]: Reset the database of the guild given in parameter or the current one if none specified

Visual Novel Module

Vn [visual novel]: Give informations about a visual novel

Xkcd Module

Xkcd [(optional) comic id]: Give a random xkcd comic

YouTube Module

Youtube [keywords]: Give a YouTube video given some keywords