Game name Game link Gamejam name Theme Date Time limit Team Project page Github page Post gamejam modifications
Tower of fated
shoulders destined
for survival from the
Pouch destroyer
rainbow road
of doom with leeches
Ludum Dare 42 Running out of Space 11 August 2018 72 hours Christian 'Zirk' Chaux (Programmation)
Léandre Blanchard (Programmation)
Yank 2121 (Graphisms)
Yuki (Graphisms)
Link Link None
Manchaud Sogeti Green X Games Green Game 15 June 2018 48 hours Antoine 'Gradkal' Da Cruz (Game Design, Graphisms)
Christian 'Zirk' Chaux (Programmation)
Pauline 'Blackfowl' Landais (Graphisms)
Simon 'Rotul' Leschiera (Musics & sounds)
Tiphaine 'Kaosce' Laurent (Programmation)
Link Link None
Hadipo Run Global Game Jam 2018 Transmission 26 January 2018 48 hours Cédric Cescutti (Programmation)
Christian 'Zirk' Chaux (Programmation)
Eliott Kougbenya (Programmation)
Paul 'Salamort' Gaston (Programmation, Sounds)
Vincent Buresi (Programmation)
Vincent Metallo (Graphisms)

Thanks to Jérémy Chung, Robin Houssais and Siouli
for their help with the design of the game
Link Link Hardcode configuration
files that weren't found
in WebGL version
PowerDown Ludum Dare 40 The more you have, the worse it is 2 December 2017 72 hours Christian Chaux (Programmation)

Thanks to Crusaderflame and Rave
for their help by testing the game
and thanks to Hopper
for his help with networking
Link Link None
Tales of Layinskia Global Game Jam 2017 Waves 20 January 2017 48 hours Amandine 'Ah-mandine' Lauer (Graphisms)
Bilel 'Bopopro' Fourati (Programmation)
Christian 'Zirk' Chaux (Programmation)
Robin 'Roharkyn' Houssais (Programmation, Lore)
Maxime '0_be_1' Duhommet (Musics)
Nicolas 'Toux' Bontoux (Programmation)
Paul 'Salamort' Gaston (Sounds)
Wilfried Magne (Programmation)
Link None None
Vespias: Battle for the Pentable Ludum Dare 37 One Room 9 December 2016 72 hours Christian 'Zirk' Chaux(Programmation, Game Design)
Paul 'Salamort' Gaston (Musics, Game Design)
Renaud 'Nhyarlathotep' Melet (Programmation)
Robin 'Robbix1206' Milas(Programmation, Graphisms)
Link Link Fix bug where
the map would be displayed
above the players