About Me

I'm a 5th year student at the french school EPITECH.
Mainly specialized in software/video game development, I also do some web sometimes.
On my free time I like to do some personal projects, you can scroll down to have more information about them.

My Projects:

Image Sanara


Sanara is a multipurpose bot for Discord.
She contains a multitude of commands including games, image and more...

Image NHentaiDownloader

NHentai Downloader

NHentai Downloader is a Chrome extension to download doujinshis from NHentai directly in ZIP, CBZ or raw format.
You can either go on a doujinshi page to download it, or go to a page containing many of them to download them all at once.

Image Booru Sharp


BooruSharp is a C# library to browse Booru websites (Gelbooru, Konachan, etc...) easily

Image Discord OAuth2 PHP

Discord OAuth2 PHP

Discord OAuth2 PHP is a small PHP library to use Discord OAuth2.
It doesn't intend to cover all the functionalities of Discord OAuth2 but rather to be lightweight (only need curl!) and easy to use.

Image DailyReset

Daily Reset

DailyReset is an application to help you learning a new language.
The application will give you a word everyday, do you best to memorize them and test your knowledge with a quizz.

Image Gamejams


A gamejam is a programming event where you have to create a game in a set amount of time.