About Me

I'm a 4th year student at the french school EPITECH.
Currently at the Keimyung University (Daigu, South Korea) as a part of my studies.
Mainly specialized in software/video game development, I also do some web sometimes.

My Projects:

Image Project 1


Sanara is a multipurpose bot for Discord.
She contains a multitude of commands including games, image search and more...

Image Project 2

NHentai Downloader

NHentai Downloader is a Chrome extension to download doujinshis from NHentai directly in ZIP, CBZ or raw format.
You can either go on a doujinshi page to download it, or go to a page containing many of them to download them all at once.

Image Project 3


BooruSharp is a C# library to browse Booru websites (Gelbooru, Konachan, etc...) easily