Software developer

About me

I'm a 4th year student at the french school EPITECH.
Currently at the Keimyung University (Daigu, South Korea) as a part of my studies.

Mainly specialized in software/video game development, I also do some web sometimes.

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Game Jams

Popular projects I'm working on:

But overall, here is the full list of projects I made

Name Description Type Language
Atsuka A Discord bot that order you to apologize if you say bad things Discord Bot C#
BooruSharp A C# library to browse Booru websites (Gelbooru, Konachan, etc...) easily Library C#
Commit Message Analyzer A website that analyze GitHub/GitLab commit messages for a project Website PHP / JS
CSV Cleaner Some handy tools to clean your CSV files Software C++
Discord OAuth2 PHP PHP Library for Discord OAuth2 Library PHP
FE3H Badge Show who you S ranked in Fire Emblem: 3 Houses Website JS
Hista Add yourself a role on Discord by clicking on a message Discord Bot C#
Horizon A website to compare KanColle and Azur Lane ships Website PHP / JS
Konawall Set a random anime wallpaper on your computer Script Python
Konari A Discord bot that analyse the text and images sent in channels, looking for inappropriate content Discord Bot C#
Lania A Discord bot than open a gate allowing you to send an image to a random guild and to see the reactions they add to it Discord Bot C#
NHentai Downloader A chrome extension to download doujinshi from NHentai Chrome Extension JS
NHentai Downloader Website Website for the chrome extension NHentai Downloader Website
NHentaiSharp NHentaiSharp is a C# library to use NHentai.net API Library C#
Particles A small particle renderer made with the SFML Software C++
Pina A Discord bot that allow anyone to pin messages in your server Discord Bot C#
Sanara A multipurpose Discord bot providing games, images and more Discord Bot C#
Sanara Website Website for the Discord bot Sanara Website JS
zirk.eu This website Website JS